Civil Society Innovation Fund – AFD

AFD - Civil Society Innovation Fund (CSIF)

Financed by the French development Agency (AFD)

The CSIF is supporting three projects in Ethiopia.


A diverse civil society landscape in Ethiopia

The call aims to strengthen the diversification and innovation of Ethiopian civil society, to ensure a pluralistic and democratic organizational sphere, novel and creative civic activism and the defence of civic and associational rights of Ethiopian citizens.

The Fund

Key Facts

The fund supports three consortia involving new and emergent actors in Ethiopian civil society. The fund duration is 3 years, with budgets ranging from 350,000 to 900,000 euros.

The fund provides funding to sub-sectors in civil society (media, gender and human rights) whose work used to be heavily restricted by the 2009 Charities and Societies Proclamation and who need time and resources to develop.

The consortia are also provided with technical assistance to monitor project implementation, build the necessary capacities and evaluate the success of their projects.

The Projects

Three projects have been carefully selected to fulllfill the fund objectives. Each project is led by a consortium involving new and emerging CSOs.

Promoting inclusiveness in society though rights-based research, dialogue and advocacy

Led by CARD

Advancing Human Rights through Legal Aid Services

Led by LHR

Ethiopian Civil Society Engagement Program (ECSEP)

Led by CSRC